Why is this forum such a snooze fest all of a sudden?


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Why is this forum such a snooze fest all of a sudden? I know I have posted questions that have gone unanswered and I see the same folks chiming in before a thread dies.

Why isn't this forum highlighted in the society newsletters? There are supposedly a hundred plus members. I could see if the society had it's own message board and this was competition but to the best of my knowledge, this isn't the case. Am I stepping on toes by asking? Where are all the croton lovers hanging? I love interacting with all the current contributors but we need more input. :confused:

I notice this does happen on a regular basis. And for several reasons. Though I must admit, I'm guilty and should try posting more pictures for new topics more often. Like so many times, members enjoy reading and following topics, but have no interest what so ever in adding to the conversation. It's sad too. It's always the same 10-15 members doing all the talking.

I would certainly like to hear from others and see what they have to say.
There always are inexplicable ups and downs to forums. And I have noticed that things on plant forums slow down as winter approaches - for obvious reasons, among them shorter days and the holidays.

But having said that. It wouldn't hurt to get the word out on other forums. For example, when there is a croton question on PalmTalk, it would help for someone to mention what is going on here.
Bren - I have talked to many who enjoy monitoring this forum but for various reasons do not participate. Often you will find 6 - 10 guests on this forum. If anything, I think this forum has picked up in popularity.

I agree with you that more contributions to this forum would be nice.

Ron. :)