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Unlikely since neurosurgery postponed again; right leg has pinched nerve or some such malady that keeps me from walking more than 20 ft.
Mike, somebody has asked me to ask you if you are willing to make a trade or sell a cutting of your Monstera?
Tim, I'm planning to install a bunch of palms from seed I grew from Jim and Judy several years back. The install is on Big Pine Key at my in-laws place. (There is a new house going up next to them and they want privacy.) Jim said you might be interested in this type of work. My phone is (813) 244-2511, email tobiasrose@yahoo. Let me know if you are interested, thanks.
Ficus Ruby is faster,bigger,more colorful and hardier than plain F.e.variegata. Mine grew from a 4" to a 12x12' monster in a pot! For you could be a big topiary at least.