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  • I'll give you a hand with your auction let me know if you need some tables for the plants I have a couple I could bring kip sorry to about people in your yard taking plants pocomo has a theory about it talk to him I saw him 2days ago and he mention it
    Hi Ron,

    How've you been? I've not done much in the garden this year because of the little one. I need to get back into it now that she's requiring a bit less attention.

    Do you know where I can get a Weismanii and Juliette Delarue? Both of mine developed root rot and died a slow, horrible death to quote Faith Bishock.

    I'll be at the Searle sale in October and hope to see you then.

    :eek:Moose a newbie here I have been looking in since the Boca meeting and thought it might be time to check in. Did you I'd that plant?
    mr moose dont know protocall on forum but i will be liqidating all plants palm s aeaes oldmans kenta and many more
    hey moose, did you see my picture in the thread? also check out my new photos in my album.
    Moose - puttin' ya on notice - the Mrs. & I are plannin on visting Searle-land again the wknd of 3/2/12. I hope to see you and your better half around and about. Looking forward to it ~ Rich
    Hey Moose,

    rpebinger here....wanted to take a moment to thank you for your tremendous generosity this past weekend. I'm going to try and get some size to your babies before planting them out in the spring. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife - and look forward to seeing you again at another palm/croton event down teh road.

    Thanks again Senor Moose!

    Rich (rpebinger)
    Funny. I'd be willing initially BUT would change the set up. A couple east & west coasters, a rep fron INCONUS and OCONUS too. Set it up like a voting committee. No prez. Comittee rules with member feedback. We'd have members for offline/online marketing, a mod, a money/membership rep etc...takes pressure off everyone. Just my 2 cents
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