Who wants a meeting?


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Jeff in another thread mentioned that hardly anyone has been posting here lately. I think we all need a meeting in a very bad way. If enough people chime in here and say they would attend a meeting, I will set something up here in say four to six weeks. If you don't respond, an assumption there is no interest and I will not go through the efforts. It will not be at my garden, another much better one is in mind.

Come on crotonheads - at least drop a post hear and let us know you are alive. Are you West Coasters and Orlando folks willing to travel to Miami-Dade County??? :rolleyes:

Croton B#@*& and Croton W@&%$, Sihara, Marie, Scott. Phil, Ray, Rick, Bren, Ricky, Dave, Koki, Bob Pope, Mark Peters, Harold Lee, Rob, Randy, Jerry, Plant Nut, Jefferey/Appollo Beach, Jim, Keith, Bessie where are you???

Maybe we could get adventuristic and have a meeting at the Glock Croton Shan-gri-la in the Keys?


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Please include me in, probably Andrea and Ryan as well. 4-6 weeks might be a tad early for a visit in Miami, unless their collection is looking beautiful by then, and only you would know. The Glock's house in the Keys would be nice and well worth it, but an extreame drive for most people. You have to keep in mind, that for people driving down from Orlando, Tampa or the Sarasota area,they can't do a tour with all the driving in one day.

I'm ready!!!!
I'd be interested in making the drive over to Miami-Dade but would not make the keys trip. Way too long of a drive coming from St. Pete.

Are you talking a single location with a tour and auction or are you talking about a multi location garden tour?

I am up for either, but the single location is probably more viable with out of the area people. End of summer or fall is good if you want a lot of rooted cuttings for the sale/auction. We are two months behind our regular growing season.
Plant Nut here; Responding to the Call of The Moose. I'm still around but I'm mourning the demise of some of my favorite crotons... as well as other plants. I suspect many of the others included in your call are in a similar state of mind. However, to answer your question, I would attend a Croton Meeting in Miami/Dade.
Let me say to you Moose Man, you deserve a lot of credit for keeping this blog alive! :)