who knows their nuts?


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The price was right but of course the tag just read coconut. Any idea on type? Guessing jamaican tall.


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Wish I could help Bren - but I don't know if even an expert would be that good at IDing a nut - perhaps the growth habit. There are so many varieties. But I would also have to guess one of the common ones. It looks no different to me than what I am used to seeing here all over. But I don't even really know what those are.


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Brenda - there are a few Jamaican Talls around but are not that common. Highly susceptible to lethal yellow, the majority did not survive the outbreaks that have occurred over the years. Another malady to the Jamaican Talls is that those that survived get taken out by lightning. Jamaican Talls can obtain a height of 100 ft. No way to ID your Coconut palm at this stage. More then likely if it is a tall variety, it would be a Panama Tall. Panama Talls are also susceptible to LY but not as severe. More than likely due to the laws of average, yours has the greatest propensity to be a Panama Tall cross. Unless Coconuts get hand pollinated, most coconuts are crosses.