Where is the rain ???

Nothing here. Even my irrigation source is drying up. We've been getting only empty clouds & the weather forcast for today so far is clear.:(


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There is hope !!Just picked up a quick .5 inch and lots of hail.Did not last too long but it came down hard for around 20 mins.Looks like most of the heavy rain is staying out west.Anyone out there is probably smiling.
Today, was one of the worst days for the yard weather related. After sitting in the pool w/ Andrea and Rob, drinking beers and Brandy Slushies, it started getting dark and the winds picked up around 3-3:30. Then the winds began to blow so hard, hail the size of marbles started coming down, along with major gusts of rains. Within 20-25 minutes or so, we witnessed a minor twister blow right across the property. I estimate the winds were gusting up to somewhere near 60-75mph. I had 3 of my largest trees on the property go over ( 25' Baobab and a 30' Peltophorum ), tons of small branches were also everywhere when it was over. We were in such awe. Luckly, all my crotons came through beautifully along with the entire palm collection. We lost electric and phone service for about 4 hours or so. Rob and I then drove over to the nursery where I found 1/3 of the shadehouse screening for the roof came off. Lots of plants blown over and pots everywhere. The cleaning up begins monday morning at 8am. Life will move on, and so will the croton collection.:)
Some damage from the storm yesterday at Jeffs!


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Well Ron... hopefully you're receiving a generous portion. In the Springs we've already had over an inch and the radar looked good your way. Still coming down hard. Chris
I haven't seen rain in over two months. I'd take some wind damage if that is what it takes to get some. Sorry Jeff, I hope you recover!
Sorry to see that.

Jeff can the Baobob and Yellow Poinciana be straightened out and salvaged?


The Baobab has hardly any roots and would never be able to support it self if it was uprighted. The base is about 5' across alone. The Peltophorum I'm actually glad it went over, so I now can get rid of it and let the 3 surrounding Sarracas grow in.
I'm not getting the new replys to these threads. Just checking to see if this one posts. I posted yesterday and it didn't show up. Oh I did get 3 inches yesterday and I could've used more.
duh!!!go figure, click on page 2 and my posts show up. Hope yesterdays rain puts life into everything.
A day of desert hot winds and bypassed yet again. Pissed! Broke 100 yr plus records in area too. Never got below 83 overnight. Can this double as a cacti forum? Better suited for Pinellas.
A few inland storms now, now only they need to move to the west. The rainy season will be here soon.


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Looking good for rain now. :)


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I ended up with a light show last night, only received .04 out of it all.
Not only have I become a bitter women but now I am supersticious. Every time I bitch about no rain, it rains. So...here it is. :mad:
Not only have I become a bitter women but now I am supersticious. Every time I bitch about no rain, it rains. So...here it is. :mad:

Bren, Well maybe not every time, or you did not bitch hard enough. I think I am going to wash and wax the truck tomorrow, spray Round Up on the weeds and then plan on a cookout.
Fathers day was real good. 3 inches in Miami Springs yesterday. Is it ever muggy this morning, just like June is supposed to be. All you have to do is go outside and move around. The sweat starts to drip off. Hope it lasts. Chris
The sprinkler system is getting a good workout these days. If the forcasts hold up, the rains will soon return.