What D'Ya Think About a "CROTON TRADING POST?"


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Rick and Others,

I think it might be a good idea to get a page started that has a list of places were crotons are available. Members could post pics of their plants for trading purposes as well.

Maybe we could start listing some here, and if we get enough listed that would warrant a separate "Croton Source Page," or "Croton Trading Post," I'll set it up for you.
Just give me a few to start with so I can create and area. I'll try to think of a layout that would serve your needs. I mentioned to Rick, to maybe have a page for each source. And a source doesn't have to be a "nursery" per se. It could just be a hobbyist, or just a gardener with a bunch of crotons of which he would be willing to share or trade cuttings.

So maybe a TikiRick Page under "Croton Sources" with pics of some of his rarer cultivars that he would be willing to trade, or sell cuttings.
Also, for my selfish purposes, I would love to see a photo-logue of the various cultivars. I have been rooting various cuttings for the last couple of years. I would love to know what I am working with. Or perhaps I could post pics of crotons for the croton experts to id. And I would be hip to ordering rare crotons as well. For what it's worth.

We are one (or two) steps ahead of you. Use the link on the Main Wiki Page under Palm/Plant Societies to go to the Croton area. In there we have a growing photo area including a page decicated to "Unknowns" and where the experts can help ID.
While I've never shipped Crotons before, anyone who visits our garden is more than welcome to cuttings. Point out what you want and I'll be glad to cut you a few pieces. Most of my plants have matured into large shrubs or small trees.