We should have a new member from Barbados soon!


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From the IPS trip to Costa Rica, some of you may remember Phil Edwards. We became fast friends on the trip because a.) he could recite every word to my favorite Cheech and Chong record and 2.) he knew how to make naughty things out of folded napkins.
He kept us in stitches the entire trip. We should have been on the "fun" bus!!

Anyway, he is a nursery owner on the island and I brought up crotons with him recently. He remarked that there are only about 8-10 cultivars in circulation on the island. He was excited about the newest introduction of magnificent so apparently things get there slower. Understandable. Then I thought, whoa...we really have an obligation to get more varieties down there :D

So Phil, if you read this, a big welcome and get your butt on here!
Bren - where is Mr. Edwards? Would be great to have two Phils. Oh and the avatar potential ! :cool:


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I nudged him again today. He runs a large nursery and know he's a busy guy. I trust it will happen. He gave me his word.

Dean, quick google told me of your surfer god. Wrong Phil ;-)
Bren - where is Mr. Edwards? Would be great to have two Phils. Oh and the avatar potential ! :cool:

Moose no more confusing than one stampshow I was running in Orlando - show chairman was Phil S, ass't was Phil F, president fo visiting society was Phil Mc - but the Orlando Marriott had 4 Cheryls to add to the confusion
Phil wrote on my FB wall last night. I think I'll give him a break. He seems to be very busy doing some very admirable work! Too bad crotons aren't edible.

just got back from Miami today was there all week loading a 20ft container for haiti. Been teaching Sustainable food production there , have been flat out arranging the equipment and supplies over the past five or six weeks, then spent this week in miami doing the final purchases etc. Doing some work with farmers in Montrouis, teaching them different planting techniques and harvesting procedures, as there is no electricity ( no refrigeration ) or tapped water in that town, now also getting into fishing and all aspects of other food production there. Should now get a chance to get back to u as promised. Going back to haiti end September, so had to get the container there before I get back....Will keep intouch."