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I had a great time! Lovely, lovely plants to see and purchase. Bought several beautiful crotons! Thanks for the notice, Ron, and thanks to all the members for their hard work in putting this together.


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As the Show Chairman - I was very busy running about making sure things were running smoothly. There were 9 people from this forum (that I know of) who showed up to support our Society. Sincerely, I wish I had the opportunity to spend more time with each of you. Just got home - going over the receipts, it appears we were much more successful than anticipated.

Once again - thank you to you all ! :happy-dance:


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So good to visit Fairchild Gardens for the first time. Definitely have to get back there to see more of this beautiful Florida treasure. Hope to plan for a very early morning visit for ample time to walk through the palms and see these up close, the rain forest and the butterfly house. Thanks Chairman Ron for bringing this to the Forum. Really nice to see some croton friends, too! The selection of tropicals was wonderful, and the croton cultivars in the show - WOW! Side note - the drive down Old Cutler Road was quite lovely, too.