The Colors of Cordylines (The Ti Plant)

Ruby :cool:


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More Ti's coming into flower now.


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Seed are set on the Ti's that flowered in the last couple of months.


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This un-named Ti has been fun to watch as it came into flower. The new growth went to a creamy color. Now that the seed has set and flowering is oner new growth resumes in a light pink. :cool:


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Wow you are going to have a lot of seeds!
Angela, If all the seed hold out it will be 1000's. Here is one of the pots of the seedlings from the 2011 seeds. Will be potting up very soon.​


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My very own seedling now has a name. Pink Floyd


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I just discovered this thread and have enjoyed looking at the varieties that were posted. It is important to list names if possible to help others in their search for varieties. There are several growers on the Big Island in Hawaii that sell hundreds of different types. The main problem I have found is that a name on a list means nothing, even if there is a written discription of the plant. Recently I was in Hawaii and took over 200 pictures of named varieties, most of which were not found on the net or the Australian CD of ti plants. I'll try to post some of these with their names when I figure out how to insert pictures.

Here is another thing I wanted to comment on:

The Baby Spoon plant with the pink growth does seem to be a Cameroon. I feel that the pink growth is probably a mutation. When I saw Fred Stone's Ti Nursery south of Hilo, he showed me a clump of Pappette that had five different sports on it. Both the color and the leaf size varied on these sports. The same goes for Miss Andrea. It sports more than most varieties, so it's possible that the one that is darker, is just a sport of it. Troy at Novelty Green in Hilo propagated three different sports off of Miss Andrea, which I believe were Princess Leisha, Princess Kyla, and Princess Liberty. These came out not looking anything like Miss Andrea, except for the branching and growth habit.

Ken in California
Just like Crotons, this family is highly unpredictable, produces many different seelings and sports, and when the day's over...will drive you crazy. Great pic's to all.
It seems I cannot do a cut and paste on pictures to insert them here. I read the post on how to insert pictures, but still do not know exactly what to do since I am not that computer literate and have not done this before. If anyone can give me a simple explanation , please do so and I will try again.
Try this: Click on Reply To Thread. in reply window click on Go Advanced. Now scroll down the page a little, click on Manage Attachments. In new window click on Add Files. In the next window click on Basic Uploader. Click on browse, now find your pictures you have stored on your computer, Click on Upload. You now should see a thumbnail of the pic you uploaded in the Attachment box. When finished click on done box. Type in your text . Click on Save. Hope this helps.
No problem - good job.

Tip - you can rename them. Then as you do a mouse hover the name will appear. And there are some other tricks, so keep trying. We love good pics, and those are some nice ones. :)

Lemon Lime - Looks different than the Lemon Lime I have from Florida.

John Klass - A large leaf mutation of Ballerina. Is also known as Ballerina Grande .

Tartan - Is similar to Gold Edge, the tissue culture sport of Red Sister. This one has brown foliage.

Kahuna Rainbow
Yes it does look like Wili's Gold. There were several varieties this grower had that had similar rainbow coloration. He also had a clump of Wili's Gold, but I did not take a picture since there are so many photos of it on the net.

1) Akebono - This one has huge leaves. The leaves are larger than Dr.Brown

2) Madam Pele

3) Lady Emma - Another variety with immense leaves.

4) Gerrish's Mauna Loa - This one has consistant white in the leaves unlike so many of the other green/white varieties.
My original pictures have names on them, but the names do not transfer with the pictures. I clicked on several things to see if an icon for renaming the picture came up, but did not find any. Can you give me a quick method of doing the renaming?

Ken, Thank you for posting the pictures. I bever tire of seeing pictures of Ti.

Thanks Scott. I think we need to get more photos of unfamiliar ti plants out to the general plant people. Perhaps that would stimulate more interest.

1) Kekau Kawananakoa - This one has good purple coloration. It looks similar to many of the Tagami hybrids.

2) Giant Laulau / Kamehameha #2 - There are several large all green types, but this one blows them all away with the immense size of its leaves. None of the others come even close.

3)Waialua Purple - This one has more of a burgandy purple look to it.
You need to rename the actual .jpg in whatever photo management software you are using before you upload. For example, change CMG264758.jpg to Miss_Andrea.jpg

Or you can try the "Insert Inline" option and label them individually with normal text.
Root Beer.JPG
You need to rename the actual .jpg in whatever photo management software you are using before you upload. For example, change CMG264758.jpg to Miss_Andrea.jpg

Or you can try the "Insert Inline" option and label them individually with normal text.

Thanks. I fooled around with that and it worked, but it moved the order of my pictures in my original file. I guess I'll have to keep the original file label intact and just add the cultivar name on after to keep them in order with my master list. The second option I have used to get the picture into the thread, but I can't figure out how to get a label under each picture, so I will have to keep numbering them.

Root Beer - I have this one in California, but it is still small and doesn't show this coloration as yet. Mine tends to have the brown tones, which is probably how it looks during off season times.
Never seen a Ti do this, but my Liz is putting out new stems from the root zone.


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Finally got Earthquake! I am NOT cutting this one. I tried to propagate a cutting from Earthquake before and failed.


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Great color here in feb....


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Scott - I love your new seedling Pink Floyd. Your pictures of Bolero and Maria are nice. Those two always seem to show color all year in California, unlike so many others that are rather bla during the warm months.

Anglea - Good luck with your Earthquake. I have one too and it's very fussy and slow growing where I live. Why don't you do an air layer the next time you feel like propagating this one.

I'll post some more pictures in the next few days. I've been away from home for a while.