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I am not trying to start any issues up, but I just feel like I have to voice this to someone.

I know no one is making me read that pathetic forum that Butler has, and many of the members there are him talking to himself, but Its just so pathetic to read him and his fictitious and maybe 3 other real members constantly bashing this site, everyone here, and Jeff. The guy constantly brings up that we all make up fake names, have no idea what we are talking about, the society is a rip off, this forum is pathetic, ect ect.
and as we all know Jeff is a very close friend of mine, but I can honestly say I would defend anyone on this board the same, they are constantly bashing him and also Dean with such BS.
Searle brothers has easily the best collection available for sale in the USA. And the value for the size plant you get is amazing. Where else can you buy a rare croton, fully grown in a 3 gallon container thats around 3 feet tall for 30$.

Go ahead and look at home depot, yes you will find a 3 gallon Petra that is 10" tall for 9$ but you wont find a Polychrome, Fathersday, Ortegas Hybrid, Cover Girl, Bimbo or hundreds of other varieties he has.

And for Butler and his members to accuse anyone here of going around and cutting down entire plants to obtain cuttings is absurd. He has stated himself numerous times about taking "loppers" to a whole plant.

I also love how they complained about Mooseknuckle "stealing" their photos and then they take Ryan's photos and post is on their forum!

With this all being said, I urge any and all members to cut Butler and his cronies off, they have nothing to contribute to this amazing group of people and the plant that we all love and share. Want to go croton hunting or get cuttings, I will gladly help you, in the past year I have located over 50 varieties in south Florida that aren't even around for sale and probably another 20 unknowns. This guy has nothing better to do then talk bad about everyone here and pretend that he knows everything. I feel comfortable in saying there is nothing he can share with any of us that we don't already have or know, I even found his "secret" bush of Monarch in Dania.

Let's take the high road here. No need to join him down in the muck.

I banned Dave from PalmTalk about three years ago for some very offensive behavior. When he recently registered here, I figured it might be time for a second chance for him to become part of the group. Even after he started blowing it, I gave him every opportunity to try and "fit in."

So I am surprised you say he is bashing me now, after showering me with appreciation for trying to help him rehabilitate his reputation.

I haven't seen his comments, nor do I care to. But there are several "sayings" that come to mind like "digging one's own grave," or "giving someone enough rope to hang himself." Dave is apparently doing both quite well while showing his true colors. Just let him continue to do so, and don't let it bother you. It sure as heck doesn't bother me.

I agree with Dean. We've had a couple weeks without him here & it's been nice. Let's not stir the pot. You can't rationalize with the irrational. It's apparent that this forum has him rather obsessed. The best thing we can do is ignore the scuds he launches. By reacting to him, he feels he wins because of the attention.
This forum will continue to be successful, just turn a blind eye. ;)
Rob, The matter at hand is jealous resentment on Butlers part. He is not going to change untill he gets professional help. It is a shame, as I feel the man has some great knowledge and could have been a asset here and could have had a great forum over there. You will be better off not visiting that toxic forum.
The Confession: Rob and I are employed at the Home Depot Garden Dept. The secret is finally out. :eek:

"Sir, may I interest you in a Petra or Mammie croton" ... ;)

Dave, the discount is only 5%. :rolleyes:

LOL :p
Come on guys, let sleeping dogs alone. Any talk of this can't be good for this board. We are above that here. Consider this a warning ;) my life as mod has been very quiet and I like that.
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