Royal Flush?

Some random pics of Col Gilbert Cutler - taken today in the back yard. Light conditions are critical to get some color in this one.


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And Phil....what I originally sold as Royal Flush and latered turned out to be a Gloriosa was ID'd by Johnny many years ago. I'm sure it was an oversight. But...I think next to it is a plant with the same colors as a Gloriosa that flushes orange in the new leaves but with a semi oak leaf. This last year was corrected by Marie at my sale because I was selling them as Gloriosa and she named them Ellen Rutherford. Everyone in ear sight heard the story and promptly snatched them all up!

Kurt....your pic in 38 of Royal Flush is exactly what I have had for many years with the correct name. Certainly a beautiful croton!
Just one more look at Capt. G. C. #1 Capt. G. C., #2 also Capt. G. C. I got in North Miami Beach at an old home. #3 NOID. #4 Jungle Queen from Jeff. #5 Lady Bird Johnson, us demo's needed ah little LOVE


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Kurt, I love hearing the history of how croton collecting came about and the collaboration that took place. We have it easy now with all the great vendors and sales, and the internet to show photos of what we have for comparison's sake. Yes, it's not perfect, but it sure is easier than what you went through during the early 2000's. Thanks for sharing with us the process that took place. Please stick around our forum and share your ideas with us more often.

On a second note, I'm wishing I could see more photos of ER to compare to my unknown. The ER cultivar seems more likely to me, although the color difference is still a concern. It just seems too different. Any others out there? Please share.:)
kurt,so nice to see you back in the game,what are you growing now,
do you still sell the lizards ,reptiles heard you lost the old nursery
we need to catch up, we had some good times cutting all those crotons
talk to ya soon your old mentor db
Anna, I didn't even know this thing existed, or I might have been chirping away a long time ago. I am very impressed with the whole thing, online and especially the plants. I don't think anybody, anywhere, in any era has ever had the wide variety of big leaved crotons grown as well as the people on this forum. It wasn't hard ten years ago, actually it was pretty fun hunting for this stuff. I'm just glad to see how well it has spread around. I only bore you with the other stuff because it's so hard to believe how close some of this stuff was to gone. The better stuff never was common or readily available like it is now. Job well done. Hey jeff, I have to fess up on that gloriosa picture. My facts are straight, but you are in elite company whiffing on that one
Let me explain. 10-12 years ago I had a little batch of 3 gallons, maybe a dozen or so, cut from my big gloriosa plants. They were growing completely normally and then out of the clear blue they did, that. By that time I had grown at least a hundred of those, they never did anything except look like regular gloriosa. That little batch of plants, when they did that flush, were so outstanding, everyone homed right in on them. Nobody could ID them, and all the best guys took a whack at it, dr. Brown, bender, alonzo, jesse, lee, shelton and plenty more. They had the plants to look at, not just an old picture. I always thought the old leaves were a dead giveaway, but that flush was so blinding and atypical, it fooled everyone. I kept a few, gave the rest to lee for the sales, but they never did it again, not even a little bit. Some freak combo of weather, light, food, whoTF knows. Lee just happened to have texted me that picture recently. The color of that flush is exactly right for RF, but the shape is off. There were other gloriosa not 50 feet away that did nothing.
Kurt, Thanks for all the time you put into this explanation. I'll need to re-read this to digest all the information you've given us & I think I'm going to need another box of tags.

Keep on chirping!

Had this one quite some years as a CGC its the first time it has flushed some good colors , it is grown under an oak tree it really never gets any direct sunlight . wish it would flush all the time . Kurt is that what it is ...... CGC ?


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Any ideas Jeff, Marie, Judy, Phil, Ron, anyone?

All I know is that there are many more beautiful plants then I have room for :(

Kurt - thank you for your input.

Talking with Ray at the Searle sale, there is something to be said about preserving the historical names and/or cultivars. Sure I like to have a name but I'm evolving into just wanting great looking cultivars, named or unnamed.

I've been into the croton game for a very short period. Like Kurt mentioned, in the last few years, it is amazing how many cultivars are available now.
Anna first, anything I send you, feel free to use, fact check, line a bird cage, anything you think is appropriate. The crotonpedia probably can't work right now because there just isn't enough information available. Everything sort of skipped a generation and it was a tiny group that knew anything about this anyway. We all know what's in dr. Brown's book, but past that, the only people who really had a lot of knowledge about crotons were in their 80's by the time I got interested in them. The west coast guys really pulled this off at the last moment. Those old guys who knew anything, they're gone. Lee and connie keeping the newsletter going for more than a decade, hats off. Someone said they think of the society as resting, nonsense. It's going full speed right here. All you need are plants and a way to exchange information, you've got all that.
Jeff said it best, IDing plants off a picture is tough lots of times. My talent, if you want to call it that, was to take cuttings collected from yards, grow them out and then sort them out. I left the ID part to bender and bob alonzo. Kingdavid, that one looks right, move it into higher light, and if it is CGC, it'll blow up like anna's. In the right light that plant is one of the best. Moose, I couldn't have said it better. The names aren't as important as the plants. But with as little info surviving, it is good to know what we can.
I'm sure you are tired of seeing my unknown several times now. Randy and I feel it's likely to be a Royal Flush:

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Please feel free to voice your opinion on RF vs. anything else. It is in quite a bit of sun- almost full, unfiltered sun until about 1, then shade, with filtered periods of time here and there. No reds, but lots of watermelon pink and orange-pink, and gold. I bought this as a Gloriosa, but it is a semi-oak and coloring is different.

Also, while we're at it, I'd like to try what Edric said about how to get info for a crotonpedia page. Please let me know any tidbits you know about Royal Flush. I'd love to accumulate enough info to start a page. Anything from hybridizer, hybridization parents, when it was created, culture, anything else you can think of. If we get enough info, I'll compile it in words, send it to Edric, and he'll format a page for us. I would love it if we got lots of participation here! Come on, people!:eek:

Ana - should be flushing a lot of new growth since your last posted photo. How about an update ? ;)