Purple Eburneum


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This "Purple Eburneum" was acquired about 4 years ago from a Extravaganza sale. Since there is no known cultivar known as Purple Eburneum, it has to be a Pink Eburneum.

You can see there are some lavender and mauve hues on this plant. Lavender and mauve are derivations of the color purple. Don't you need a blue pigmentation mixed with red to achieve purple? Could this be the only croton cultivar that has any blue pigmentation? Blue is a color never found on any known cultivar.

Curious what others opinions are ... Cyclops

Pink Eburneum 1.JPG
Pink Eburneum 2.JPG
Pink Eburneum 3.JPG
Pink Eburneum 4.JPG
It is def a beauty ,,,,,,......i wish mine would look that good . How is your light conditions on the Eburnum ? I think i need to adjust mine !!!!