Please help with ID?


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Any ideas? Thanks. Ana


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No, I didn't Ron. I got it from Mark Peters a few months ago (maybe Feb.). I got it as a Gloriosa, but in the wiki it is in the broad leaf category and the examples were a bit different. When I saw yours, I doubted it even more. Now I see these beautiful, solid orange leaves, and that, with everything else makes me question it. Any ideas?

I forgot to add something for scale as Phil always recommends, so I just went out and measured. The largest, broadest leaf is 5 by 8 1/2 inches.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions:confused:.

Mike, as you can see, it's got an airlayer on it now. It's such a leggy plant I'm trying to bring it down to make it fuller. I'll also plant this one adjacent to it to try to make it more visually appealing. Is that what you would do? Next spring I'll air layer another lanky stem and then I'll be ready to find a trade.
Bren, I still don't know for sure. Randy says it reminds him of Ellen Rutherford, but it has more pinks and oranges than ER. It is a gorgeous plant that is one of my very favorites. Now I have it in 2 places and have promised an air layer to Tim, which I'll do in the spring. It's on my avatar. I'll have to post another photo.