Orange in the Garden

Jeff Searle

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Pretty sweet looking, huh? Rob and I recently put some air layers on this and they should be ready to remove in a couple more weeks.

It looks like a Baron le Compte, but these plants are exceptional in not only the size of leaf but for it's enormous amount of good orange coloring. So I'm not sure what it is, or just maybe a great form of Baron. Any thoughts?


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I'd vote for Baron le Compte also. maybe on steroids but it's agood looker. My large one lost most of the variegation this winter; new leaves are almost all green.
The reason I look forward to putting this in my yard is, the one I have now has very small undersize leaves, probably growing in the wrong area and basically has one or two tiny little blotches of orange. I would be embarrassed to show it to someone !! :)
Just when you think you did it all, every variety you could ever possibly put an air layer on over a span of 3 months, no, not one Baron le Compte was cut. I'm sorry to say. But I still might have one small one that never made it over to my yard, and actually from the garden where these above photos were taken from last year. Ron, consider it yours.