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Going to Key West mid January for 7 days. If any one knows of a good rental near downtown, please pm me. I am looking for a cottage that sleeps 4, 2 baths and has a pool and kitchen. Price range around 3K.
Also would like to know of good gardens to visit. Nancy's is already on the list. Thanks guys!

I can't really help you out with any info. on the rentals, you might want to check out the Heron House which is across the street from Nancy's though. Remember, Jan. is peak season for rates.
Also, Nancy has fallen on hard times and has been forced to sell most of her 1 acre lot to some unknown party. She is still in the original house on Elizabeth street, but the garden is closed down. But,there's a few private gardens that I can hook you up with and see some incredible stuff. Really nice! And then you must visit the Glocks and Shillings property on the way down or back home. Their only minutes from each other.

Thanks Jeff. Really disheartened to hear about Nancy's place. :-( bring in more commercialized bullshiz. Blech. I imagine it was heart wrenching for her to sell.
Bren - There is Palmer's Place, not in Key West but closer to the Glock's. Took my in-laws there about 22 years ago. Judy told me it is still there. The price difference is worth the commute to Key West. Judy mentioned it at the Dec. Holiday Social. You may want to PM Judy for details. I think there is a web site. Might be worth looking into. :)