October Croton Society meeting - anyone interested?


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Saturday, October 9th, the weekend after Jeff's plant sale. If Sunday is better, I can do that day instead. Our garden in Boca Raton and I'll cook barbecue for the gang.
I'm coming down for Jeff's sale (hopefully with Jeff Anderson if he can swing it) so likely won't be able to make the long drive the next weekend again.

That's generous of you to offer hosting another croton tour at your place. The only thing is, that weekend is the Sale at the Tampa Fairgrounds, of which the Croton Society has a booth to sell plants. Andrea and I already planned on going over with the Glocks. And I'm sure all the folks on the west coast plan on attending as well. So those dates I don't think will work. But, I look forward to looking at another time.
Why not? We're only a couple of miles apart. We can go there first for a tour and ID session and then come here for the same, lunch, and the auction or swap.

This sounds like a great idea. Two gardens so close will be nice. NOW.....hopefully we'll get some feedback from some boardmembers and west coast, central Florida members. How about it guys and gals? Ray,Lee Connie, the Glocks, Bren, Dave,Linda, Rob, Moose, Rose, Mike, Larry and his brother, Suzy and Ronnie, Lorin, Cliff, Cliff's cousin, Robert and his wife, Becky, Tom, Jill , Michael, Kimberly,Kelly, Alicia, Michele, Mandy, Andy, Braden, George, Tyler, Linda, Uncle Fester, Carol, Rick L. Ricky, Randy, Aunt Flo.........:p
Stand by to stand by - Connie, the Croton Scoiety Secretary, will have some info shortly on a meeting is Sept here in St. Pete and one on the other coast in Oct.

I meant to Ricky's in Oct. I'll have to try and drudge up some new recruits for the Sept meeting. Myself included, still haven't joined. Can you make sure they have a copy of Dr. Brown's book at the meeting?
Here are some Crotons I'm growing for the auction. Bring lots of cash, because I'm not letting these go cheap!

The 3 in the front are "AFD #2" or "Nervia", depending on who's doing the ID. Behind them is a "Kentucky" that needs sun to really color out, the cutting came from deep shade. (Ray - that's your "Angel Wing" in the blue can.)

A nice rooted cutting of "Yellow Bird" and a "President Reagan" with a "Dayspring" in a one-gallon can between them. The little one on the Coconut stump is "Thea". There's also three nice "Peace", the best of the lot not visible in the picture.

For anyone in zone 10 or warmer, I have 3 seedlings of Inga edulis, the Ice Cream Bean Tree and 3 seedlings of Chrysophyllum cainito, Jamaican Star Apple, a delicious purple fruit. Those, I'm looking to trade for Bromeliads, preferably Neo's.


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And yes Moose, still want to make the meeting but I'm currently trying to work out the details for our visit for Jeff's sale in a month. :p
Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been on. Just to clear up a few things, the draft email to the membership regarding meetings will go out in the next day or so. I have Phil's meeting date SEPT 17TH NOT the 11th (and I'm pretty sure that it should be the 18th since the 17th is on a Friday?) Phil, please let me know before I send the email out. At this time, I don't believe I'll be able to attend the meeting in Boca. Ray, you and Lee will have to work out the details and I'm sure Phil can help with the cash box and new membership sign up. Any questions or comments please email me directly at Choerstgen@tampabay.rr.com. Thanks everyone, see you at Phil's
What about the tour at Jeff Searles? Been about 2 years since we have been there? and I know the collection has grown vastly


I think having a tour on the west coast at Phil's garden in September and then at Ricky's and Randy's two gardens in October will finish out the year.(?)

November this year will be two years since the first and only tour at my house. With the taking of so many airlayers recently, some plants don't have their full heads on them. Even though, there's still plenty to look at.

Maybe spring of 2011, or mid summer.

Food for thought......Andrea and I always have a walking, drinking tour of the garden right after we all come back from the openning sale(friday) that afternoon. For those of you that want to join us, your certainly more than welcome. The more the merrier! Jeff from Coasta Rica will even be joining us, as he is flying into town that weekend. Hope to see some of you.......

What am I, chopped liver Jeff?:confused::p:D (note: I am trying to beat Ron on the use of emoticons in one post)

Looking forward to seeing your place after the sale, between your place, Phil's and Ricky's, it'll be sensory overload for crotons. :cool:
No.....not chopped liver, maybe chopped croton.:) The reason I mentioned Jeff was, he's traveling all the way from CR and that sounded pretty exotic and was to hype up some excitment. And if I mentioned your name, then most likely Moose would ask, hey, I'm coming too.

Anyways, I look forward to you coming Bren, it's a long drive and I look forward to talking "garden stuff". I sincerly appreciate all of you that come out, and I will hopefully make it your worthwhile.