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I have been thinking about this for awhile but am just now getting around to posting it. I think it would be advantageous to have a special heading for New Croton Introductions. Pocomo has been introducing some beauties, as well as, have a few others. For instance, a while back he introduced one of his and named it either Frog's or was it Toad's Tongue? I thought at the time, just imagine all of us that would have loved to use that name!!! Now it belongs to a Pocomo baby!
He has recently come up with one he would have liked to name Splash. That name was taken so, now he can come up with something else. I have a green and yellow seedling that resembles his and it too is a good grower. I have named it Lemon Drops. Please consider that name taken.
If you'll think my idea has merit, come up with the criteria and maybe Dean or the Jungle-Gal can make it happen.
Are you reserving Lemon Drops like a domain name? :confused: Where is the picture of your seedling? :p Can't tell crotonheads about a "new" cultivar without a photo. Especially with such a name as Lemon Drops, it definitely attracted my attention. :)
Could the new hybrids could be designated with an "H" or hyb or some other way? They would look like "H. Toads Tongue" or "hyb Lemon Drop". Just a thought
You are right they were once all hybrids.I have a few promising seedlings myself.I have no doubt that less than 100 years from now there will be over 5,000 different named croton varieties.I am estimating that they are around 1000 now(probably more than that).I know someone who has over 600 and there are many varieties that he does not have.

Aren't they all hybrids? And didn't a majority of these plants end up in trade because of backyard hobbyists like us? :confused:
Well in 50yrs when most of us are long gone, the croton heads will all be paying homage to all of YOU! I'm in fine company :D
I think new plants need to be registered with as much info as possible...
preferably with quality photos...
in a location accessible to all...
that can be maintained indefinitely...
with original source, where and by whom...
sport or seedling with parentage...
and any other pertinent information.
I'm still working on setting up the Codiaeum Registry with the International Society for Horticultural Science, hopefully here in our wiki...

I finally have some seed pods that look like they will produce some ripe seeds.
The seed pod parent is Bravo, while the pollen parent is Petra (grandchild crossed back to the grandparent).
So if these seeds grow I'll have some little Bravo(Cutler hybrid ___? X ___?) X Petra(Fournieri X Norma(Bravo X Ernest la Rue)) hybrids...
BTW when listing parentage the seed parent should always be listed first and the pollen parent second.
Crotonologist your suggestions sound good!

My thinking is... New Croton Introductions shouldn't be eligible to be added to the WIKI until certain criteria is met. I think one thing we should consider is to require a certain number to be propagated and distributed. (sold, traded or given away) I state this because it is to easy to lose them, particularly if they exist only in the hands of the originator. I had that experience during the cold weather. Ponder this, suppose we all start naming our seedlings and adding them to the WIKI and many don't survive. We could turn it into a big mess! It is hard enough verifying the names we have now.

In the mean time, we could enjoy perusing a listing of New Croton Introductions and hopefully it would include updates. We will have created a reference point for croton collectors in the years to come