My Zanzibar yesterday


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Zanzibar 2011-07-08.jpg
Wow! Wow! Wow! Best Zanzibar I have seen. Zanzibar is in my top 5 favs and I lost mine to the 09-10 winter. I was able to find another 4" pot of one this spring. It will stay as a potted plant and someday I hope it will be as nice as yours.
Thanks Scott - after losing my first one by leaving it outside in too much wet cold (non-freezing) weather - and this one is hard to find around here - I was determined to keep one alive and so I potted this one up with a lot of extra perlite in the soil (first one seemed like the roots rooted) and I no longer leave it outside in cold rainy weather...
I'm trying to get longer leaves on it... I think it still needs a little more shade.
Well, since you shared your are mine. The cats are terrible mousers and the dogs are worthless with protection. It's why I had to buy a gun. LOL


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Out for a Micky D's sweet tea run and passing a produce stand something caught my eye. I did 2 quick u-turns, and yes! I scored 2 nice 1gal. Zanzibar's at $4 each. They each now have a new home in a larger pot. My day was made with a sweet tea and two Zanzibar's on the side.


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I have never seen Zanzibar for sale in these parts before. The one I had a few years ago came from Lee. I did a mail-order Zanzibar purchase in Dec. I did not think it looked much like a Zanzibar. Now I know it is not.
Brilliantissima, Joseph Fondeur, Zanzibar. Ray, Do you know why so many name changes? Here is what I mail purchased as Zanzibar. Leaf is wider, longer and is growing in 1/2 day sun. Any ideas?


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Scour lowes in the small plant area inside. I've seen them but they were marked up because they are trying to sell the fancy pots they were in. 4" size plant for 11.99. I passed.
Great looking plant. What are the coldest temps it has seen? I quit trying to grow the very narrow varities like this or Picasso's paintbrush since they rarely make it through a winter here whether in a pot or in the ground, and the few survivors usually die in the spring.