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Here's a pretty little gem that I rooted in the summer of 09. It's been sloooooow. But this spring/summer coming up will be it's first while in the ground.


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Any history on this one?

No, other than it was part of a batch of cuttings given to me by Bob Alonzo and he identified this plant as such. The cuttings in total were about 20-25 different varieties and all came from a garden on the east coast. I do remember seeing a larger plant at the home of Robert Halgrim when I was there with Bob. As bad luck would have it, I missed bringing this plant home when I was there digging others.
Thanks Bren!!! This is a very rare croton and I'm beginning to understand why. It's extreamly slow growing and my guess is that it dosen't send many lateral branches off of it too.