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Ok, I know we're probably not supposed to reference Croton Mania here but there's a small question that has arisen. Is the Martha Brooks photo on that site accurate? I have a plant acquired from Marie a few years ago that resembles it quite a bit . I believe it was labeled as a Coppinger hybrid and has a similar leaf shape to General MacArthur but the mature leaves turn a brilliant red. Any ideas? Is Martha Brooks a Coppinger creation?

There is no rule about mentioning that site. I just want to discourage members from using this forum as a tit for tat based on past behaviors of it's founder and the not so nice comments on the forum over there.
Your question is legitimate & an interesting one. Can you post a pic of yours for comparison?

I have no information on the history or even if it is a Coppinger plant. The picture is correct, with more sunlight, it will retain more yellows in the new growth. I have a nice grouping planted at the nursery and here at the house.
Chris (pocomo) - In the first post Ray (Crazy for Crotons) interestingly asks if Martha Brooks is a Henry Coppinger progeny ? Could you possibly shed some light on that question ? :confused:

Does anyone else know ? :)

This thread needs a picture. Who is growing Martha Brooks that could kindly post a photo ? Unfortunately I have as of yet acquired one. :(