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I acquired this Croton some years ago from Harold Lee as a "unnamed" Davis hybrid. It is a nice looking Croton in the late summer and into the late fall. The first bit of temps around 40f this one drops 50% of its leaves. Is there anything I can do to help make it not do the leaf drop routine and having to start from scratch each spring?
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I mean no disrespect Scott but isn't 40 too cold for almost all crotons? At that temp, I would consider that percentage of leaf drop a win.
Bren, No disrespect taken. I have not had a problem with the other Crotons that I still maintain until the mid 30s. The others that gave me problems around 40 are no longer in my garden. The only reason I kept this one is that it makes a fast comeback. My Croton numbers have dropped big time as I weed out the wimps. My favorite Zanzibar is no longer grown and my second favorite P. paintbrush ( in pots and come inside on the cold nights the last few winters) have found a new home and will be leaving me soon. :(
Magnesium is a mineral that may make plants more resilient against cold damage. It is a very important component in the production of chlorophyll. The use of Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate) can be beneficial as a short term amendment. For Magnesium to get properly metabolized in a plant, it is dependent on Potassium. That is why I am a big proponent of the use of K-Mag, especially this time of year. Since most Florida soils have poor quantities of Potassium - K-Mag is an excellent mineral amendment for all plants, especially palms.
Hey Scott, goggle The Mosaic Company. More info than you might need they are a Florida Co. With a very big share of the production world wide. They have a really big operation in New Mexico and are credited with the coating system that became know as KMag. Shop it prices vary with particle size and market targets golf course very high, farm supply notably cheaper. Greetings from Catherine Gephart.