Is it my imagination ?


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Yesterday morning before sunrise I detected a hint of Fall in the air. This morning it was 74 F at dawn in the Moose land. Is it my imagination or is Fall slowy making an appearance? :confused:
Here in my part of the Western Hemisphere there is a hint of the rainy season in the air. Just a hint. It was a real hot and dry start of the dry season in June and July. This September has been actually on the cool side. I haven´t seen any days over 100 F this month. And, I have not seen any since about the first part of August. Some years in September every day pretty much is hovering around 40 C or 105 F. In a little over a month the rainy season starts which I like to see arrive. I can remember when I lived in S. FL the first cool breezes at night after the summer. It was always welcome. Here the changes are much more subtle. But, they are there.

Wow, what a change this morning when I walked outside. I think it was in the lower 70's, no humidity and the sun is coming out. Were still trying to clean up and put plants away from this past weekend plant sale. Alot of standing water still in areas. It must of been in the upper 30's, maybe lower 40's last night in Tampa? Ray? OK.....maybe not quite that frigid,huh? Lol!
Moose Land 6:30 am = 64 F
9:00 am = 71 F

what is the Tampa temp. report?
what is the St. Petersburg temp. report?
what is the Naples temp. report?
what is the Fort Myers temp. report?
what is the Winter Haven temp. report?
what is the Orlando temp. report?
what is the Boca Raton temp. report?

66 F this AM in Ft. Myers. Supposed to be much cooler tonite. Got about 4+ inches of God-Water. However, I understand parts of the Keys got 21 inches! Plan to go down this weekend and see how much damage we have from falling palm fronds.
Ray - red spider mites need to eat too ... :rolleyes: :eek: :p

These mini cool events may be beneficial to hardening off the plants. Getting consistent 85 F temps thru Dec, and then getting blasted by a major cold front seems to really cause more damage. This way the crotons may be involved in a curing process for the eventual winter lows.

As we talked about a couple of weeks ago Ray, the mathematical odds of having three unseasonable cold winters in a row is quite large. Someone just needs to remind "old man winter" of that fact.

58F this morning at 7AM. I'm tired of winter already. Let's bring on the month of March.