In case you forgot why you moved to Florida!


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While you Florida people woke up to 70s and sunshine, I woke up to THIS!


So when some man knocked on my door, with a caterpillar shoveler parked in front of my house, I said "Wait a minute..." and I located my wallet. I soon returned and said: "Go ahead and start plowing! I'll PAY!!!!"
What's all that white stuff?

GAHHHHHH! That stuff brings back distant memories (really bad ones hehe)....

Thanks for the reminder - I was just b**ching about the temp here, and suddenly I feel more like being grateful!

Ron, the sunroom is worth every dime it must have cost! You are really going to enjoy it - your own little tropical paradise in that winter hell.

I think it's a pretty sight to see the snow in the background with something so tropical like crotons thriving in your sunroom. can keep it. I'm a Florida boy, native, and probably couldn't survive up there, just like the crotons( if they were outside).:)

Thanks for the pictures.

I can handle winter in Delaware when it's at least in the 40s and dry. But this snow is deep this time and won't be going away soon! And it keeps the temps down like an icebox. It's been around freezing by day and in the 20s by night, these last few days.

Despite the sunroom, I may still have to move to Florida some day! However, in the meantime, I do have several Needle Palms and Sabal minors in my backyard, which have proved to be Zone 7 hardy, as advertised.


I also have several of these croton look-alikes (Aucuba japonica).

Really beautiful photos, Ron. Btw - there's a croton known as "Aucubifolia," and a species of Aucuba called "crotonifolia."

You all sure got slammed with a lot of snow - and awfully early for that, isn't it - this winter may be an ugly one.
'there's a croton known as "Aucubifolia," and a species of Aucuba called "crotonifolia." '


I'd heard about those cultivars in both plants! It's like people wanted a plant they'd missed, when they moved to where they could only have crotons or aucubas, but not both! I'm greatful I can at least have Aucubas here in Delaware. I don't think people grow them much further north.

Yes - this weather is more typical of a once or twice a year, mid-winter (late Jan / early Feb) cold spell. It's scary to think how early it is, and we're having this weather so soon. Hopefully, it's a fluke and things will warm up soon. The snow is so deep now that I had to dig a path through my backyard so my dog could walk around and do her "business"!

Here is Sparky on the "Poopy Trail" I made for her.

But most of the time, she is snuggled up inside...