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Here's some pix of Dr. Tang. It is a fairly fast grower for me. First three are of one plant in moderate sun; last one gets less sun. These are both from the one at Sunken Gardens that was ID by Bob Alonzo 5-10 years ago. I'll try and get a pics of the parent plant Tuesday.


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Here are the photos of "Christmas" donated by Jeff Searle that I got at the auction yesterday. The leaf shape looks simular. There appears to be a different color patterns between the two. This may be a result of these seperate plants getting different amounts of shading. I believe the cultivar from Jeff Searle came from his 50% shade house. I posted for a comparison. If anything I am learning is that it is difficult to id from pictures, usually the entire plant needs to be looked over for a definitive id. Some have stated that this cultivar may be synomonous with "Dr. Lin Yu Tang" They appear distinct in my opinion. Let the debate begin? :rolleyes:

Ron. :)


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Wow, they are remarkably similar.


Up until when you brought the Dr. Lin yu Tang over a few weeks ago, I really only knew this plant from the picture in the book. And the picture is still quite different from the plants floating around. But, when you put these two plants side by side, their quite different in looks. I'd still like to know where this picture of Dr. Lin Yu Tang in the book was taken. From the garden, I know, but it just dosen't look anything close to it.

I agree there are some minor differences (i.e. the pink tones are different) but the leaf shape is nearly identical. If the two were grown side by side with the same amount of light, I wonder if we could tell the difference?

Problem solved. When I get a Dr. Lin Yu Tang I won't plant it adjacent to Christmas. Phil has two different plants that look very simular growing in two different lighting situations. The coloring looks different to me, more pronounced on the Christmas cultivar in my opinion. Jeff, you may need to bring a Christmas to Phil's in December so you can put it right next to Phil's Dr. Lin Yu Tang. Just a constructive suggestion. :rolleyes:

Ron. :)
...and just to add to the confusion, here's some pics of a verrrrry similar plant not eight feet away from the sunny Dr. Tang.
Are we having gun yet????


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Phil - what the hell cultivar is this last one? :rolleyes: I don't want to hear unknown hybrid or not named :eek:

Yes I am confused. I think you old school croton mavens like to mess with us newbie crotonheads! :p

onward through the fog....
The Dr. Lin Yu Tang came from a very old plant at Sunken Gardens where it was positively identified as such by Bob Alonzo. The other mystery plant planted close the to Becce Palm is still unidentified. Air layers from this NOID have been distributed in the past. FWIW, the Dr. LYT is still doing well at Sunken Garden since I saw it today. It requires almost full sun to color up nicely; keep it in shade and it's dull as dishwater. The NOID looks a lot like another NOID (Bullwinkle's Pink) I got from Mike Woolery a while back - pink and light greens as per photos.above.