Did I Luck Out?


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Is this Yellow Iceton? No ID on plant. My plant did not make it after this last Winter, but I pretty sure this is Yellow Iceton from memory.


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yes indeed, that is a Yellow Mrs. Iceton! Mine proved remakably cold hardyf along with the more colorful one.

Phil thanks for the ID. I think mine would have been ok last Winter if I had not planted it so late in the season (Nov.). I will not be planting any Crotons in the ground this year after Sept. The really late plantings last year are the plants that did not make it.
Scott -
Also learned that lesson the hard way too - late season plantings do not survive as well as their established neighbors. But then what to do with a late season acquistion - take it inside for every cold snap ( *&^%$#@!); plant it and hope; or just sink the pot in the ground, mulch, and hope.
Both Icetons occasionally show up in the big box stores over here too.
Phil, my experience with Ms. iceton was the opposite, one of a handful to perish. Glad they are becoming common as I'll be replacing it soon. Most I've seen in the box stores look too washed out though.
I stopped in a Big Box Store yesterday a gave a quick glance at the crotons to check for something unusual. Well like every time I go, its all Petra's and Mammies. :( At least you guys are getting some variety.

Warning: The crotons I saw yesterday were invested with the croton scale. Check you plants carefully when purchasing from the big box stores! :eek:
I had no problem with the pink over the Winter. The yellow was planted 2' away and did not make it. Here is the pink Mrs. Iceton today.


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