Cultivar "Stripe"


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This croton was sold to me as "Stripe". I do not believe it is a valid name. Anyone want to give it a shot? :confused:


Ron :)


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That's Rex in the deep shade. Notice the leaves in the lower left of the top picture. Looks exactly like mine. Rex will take quite a bit of sun to get full color.


Her are some updated photos. I do not believe this plant is "Rex". This culivar was growing in ful sun when I acquired it. It is now in heavy shade and is not showing any indication that it is "Rex" If you look closely, you do not see any colorful radiating striations or veining from the center like "Rex" does. Stripe seems to be the appropriate name for this cultivar. Any comments? :confused:


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Scott - interesting that you bring this thread back. As a matter of fact it just got moved on Sunday. It was growing in some pretty heavy shade and I have been suspicious of the name. It has held its characteristics but I just moved it where it gets more sun. Lets see what it does now. :rolleyes:

I am going to move "poor Rafael" to its old spot. I was very motivated on Sunday in the yard however while trimming some palm fronds to get my croton children some more sun, I fell 11 ft. from a ladder reaching too far. I am a hurting puppy right now.

Forrest Gump: Stupid Is as Stupid Does. The bromeliads helped break the fall but they had thorns. Not a happy day in the mooseland! :p
Here are some updated photos of "Stripe". Stretched from too much shade and newly relocated for more sun.


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Thanks for the pictures of Stripe. I was thinking the plant I have, that I have not received a ID on may have been Stripe. But its not.