Croton name changes

Dare I say we have our resident Wal on the croton board? Kidding of course. I'm drinking a chardonnay as I type :p

Seems less potent than that Malbec stuff :rolleyes:
Here is a Malbec that I highly recommend. This is a blend of 50% Malbec and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an exceptional wine. Nicholas Catena from Argentina and the "Barons de Rothchild" (France) vineyard of the famed Chateau Lafite began blending their grapes in 2002. They were selling their product to the local wineries until 2004. After perfecting this combination, they began selling this wine under their own collaborative label in 2005 as Amancaya, which is a flower in the Andes. In 2005 this became an excellent and much sought after wine at a reasonable price. I acquired two cases and I am killing myself for not buying more. In 2006 the entire vintage ,was sold out in three weeks. Good luck finding it now and what a price you would pay, if you could locate it.

The Malbec grape makes fabulous wine that blows the Cabernet Sauvigon grape away in my opinion. If you enjoy Bordeaux wines, I encourage you to experience the Malbec wines from Argentina! :eek:


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