Could this be..........Charlemagne ?

Jeff Searle

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Over the years, I often wonder what this croton could be. Any ideas?


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Resembles White Tapestry.

I thought that it was stated in an earlier post that White Tapestry was such a difficult cultivar to maintain even in the best of conditions and is presumed to be lost forever? :confused:

Jeff's plant seems like the closest thing to the Charlemagne in the book. We spent some time looking at this plant and searching on-line. Its hard to tell by Jeff's photo, in person it really looks like Charlemagne.

If it is not, then it will be an unknown confused to be a Charlemagne IMO. White Tapestry?, don't we all wish. :rolleyes:

Crazy for Crotons

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I had WT and lost it in the 2010 freeze. Since then, Keith has replenished me with another plant. From what I remember, there's a huge plant near his mother's home. As big as the plant was, I'd say it was fairly easy to grow. I found my original plant at Jesse Durko's without a label. It was slow but never gave me any problems before 2010.


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Bought this as a Charlemagne Looks like Jeffs , Its just still small . Mine ive had over a year just starting to show the yellows . Leaves look the same starts with yellow center but it is starting to flush yellows


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