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Folks, now that the Wilma/Colonel Bob Bullock debacle is in the rear view mirror, it's time to stir the pot again. Here's my perhaps foolish attempt at untangling the mess that is Norman Rockwell, Rembrandt, Raphael and Rubens. These are all similar and therefore confusing Aubrey Christian creations.

First, let's post what is perhaps the easiest to identify in the bunch. Here's what I call Raphael. I think all of you will agree.

Here's what I think might be Rembrandt. Jeff, this is the same plant that's along your fenceline. Phil, this is the same plant that's along the north side of your pool cage.


a leaf closeup showing the orange color


I agree, the pictures of Raphael and Rubens are correct.

The picture of what you think might be Rembrandt along my back fence, dosen't look like what I have planted. My plant has a different veining pattern and the colors are different, plus the leaves I think lay flatter than those in your picture.

In #4, that croton is very nice and is what I would call Rembrandt, although yours has maybe some more pink.

And in #5, your plant is what I learned as Norman Rockwell. I looked in both books but some of these are not even mentioned, let alone a picture.

The #3 post photos looks very simular to what I have as Rubens. Jeff and Rob later told me it was not a true Rubens because lacking the pinkish hues. Could this be Rembrandt as Ray suggests?

The #4 post photo looks like what I originally got as Norman Rockwell. When I posted photos on this forum, I was lead to believe that it was in fact a Rembrandt?

It would be nice if this was resolved. It makes it easier to have a proper the tag when you give a cutting to fellow crotonhead. :confused:

I'll get some pictures going this afternoon.

Koki - Claude Lorraine was a french agnostic. :p Just kidding.
This is what I am growing as Rubens. The last two photos are some of its older leaves. Could this in fact be Rembrandt?


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Orginally got this croton as a Norman Rockwell. Was told on this forum that this was in fact a Rembrandt. Now it could be Norman Rockwell aftyer all. Would love to get this one resolved. :)

First photo is upper portion of the plant. Sun burned leaves due to my trimming back of overhead Avacado branches. The next two photos are of some older leaves indicating "normal" coloration. :confused:


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Ray - you mentioned "the Christian Papers" in another thread awhile back. Could you possibly bring a couple of copies to the July 16 Croton Tour ? You said it was too large to post on this forum. :)
This is what I am growing as Rubens. The last two photos are some of its older leaves. Could this in fact be Rembrandt?

Many folks acquired what we belived to be Rubens from Jeff Searle. It may have been ID'd by Bob Alonso. Then supposedly the Rubens that came from Jeff was not the true Rubens. It reportedly lacked thick pink coloration along its midrib.

Well mine has some pink coloration getting developed alond its midrib on several heads. If Bob saw this on Jeff's plant, it may be why the ID of Rubens was made. Or could this be the true Rubens that takes awhile to develope and mature? Either way, its a very pretty croton.


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I think your plant is Rembrandt as identified by Bob A. There's too much orange for Rubens. Rubens has the same pastel colors that you see in Claude Lorraine, Mosaic and Polychrome. By the way, the photo in post #2 is Victor Lemoine not Rubens. Rick Leitner is growing the "real" Rubens. Maybe he would be so kind as to post a nice photo. Rick?


How about a photo of the Rembrandt up against your pool cage for reference?

OK, here you go, Ray. Taken today


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..and if these pics come out in any order
1 Rubens from Moose
2. noid
3. Labeled Rembrandt from Searle


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