Casey Anthony verdict of 1st degree murder...

I can hardly believe it myself. Wow. Now she'll become the media's darling and we'll have to see interview after interview from her.
She was found guilty only on four counts of lying to the police during the investigation. Each count can earn her 1 year in jail. Being that she has already been in for three years - time served, she walks.
Not Guilty. Unbelievable. I'm ashamed the jurors are from Pinellas County. With so many lies, how can anyone believe anything she says.

I agree, OJ all over again. I watched almost all of the it and I am sick. I can't get the picture of that precious little Caylee out of my mind. SO DID GEORGE DO IT? Noooooo DID CINDY DO IT? Noooooo
I believe she's guilty but it was all circumstantial. I've been saying that she was going to walk. The prosecutors couldn't prove a thing. There was no evidence.
How could anybody hide the disappearance of their daughter for a month and not say a word. That's unconscionable. Not my kind! Somebody made 'it" work. It's all in the family!
I also believe she was guilty. But how can you convict when the prosecutors could not tell you the cause of death? Do not blame the jurors. the prosecutors gave her this verdict as they proved nothing.
There are a couple of problems with the way people view evidence today. First, circumstantial evidence is still evidence and there is nothing wrong with relying on it in some cases. People think if it is circumstantial, that it is not worth anything. That is absolutely not the case. Second, people think you can only convict if it is proven "beyond a shadow of a doubt". Wrong! The law only asks for it to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words, what would convince a reasonable person. I have not met or heard of anybody who has not said they think she did it. Any reasonable person would come to the same conclusion. It would be unreasonable to think it was an accident and not murder.

Anybody taking odds as to how long Deano will leave this thread here?
She will live with a conscious....perhaps.
My prediction is that she will be pregnant again (by another unknown male) within 6 months. Care to repeat this entire process again in 3 years? GUILTY.
Amazing - sentenced to one year for each count to run consecutively. She gets credit for time served (almost three years), plus "gain time" for good behavior. They have not figured out the time for good bevhavior. The Judge estimated she could be out in late July to August. :mad:

She will be required to provide restitution for the costs of the investigations and prosecution for these charges. Also will be charged costs of the court. :cool: