Blooming Wallichia distichas


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I've had these two Wallichia distichas for about 9 years now. They have bloomed the last three. Each year I think this is it, they are done and I will be cutting them down this year. Nope, they hang in there and bloom again. They don't look very healthy or vigorous anymore, but boy they put out some pretty amazing blooms! Here they are:

Thanks - those are some nice shots. I will include them in Palmpedia if that is OK?

I have a Wallichia densiflora - and I remember it putting out quite a showy inflorescence as well - much "rounder," but just as impressive.
I absolutely love this palm and its distichas arrangement of the leaves. After mine flowered and eventually died, I was pretty bummed. Just when it was looking so fabulous it started blooming. Never planted another, did not want to go through losing such a beauty again. Really upsetting that I could not get any of the seeds to germinate.
Moose - I also have Wallichia siamensis. Both that, and W. densiflora, are clustering - so you don't lose the plant after flowering. No distichous arrangement, but still the exotic leaflet shape, and the siamensis has a nice silver underside. Both of these, especially siamensis make a very attractive, non-imposing addition to the garden.
These work really well for me in Key West gardens, where square inch planning is the norm. Because of the distichous leaves, I can plant them very close to houses and walking paths. Nice pics Anna. Do you ever get any seed? Are these monoecious?