Bimbo and Bimbette

Jeff Searle

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Just some dry humor, Bimbo in the garden.:)


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bimbo produced a lot of seeds for me this year but only 2 sprouted. mine in the garden


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No child is Bambino, I lived next door to the Derosia family as a kid. Learned to cook and enjoy good wine and great food. A real eye opener for a 7 th generation Florida native. Bimbo is what you think it is, empty headed and willing..........not that is anything wrong with that.
After checking the big Wiki, bimbo is a diminutive form of bambino (male child in Italian); bambina and bimba would be the feminine forms in Italian. Bimbo later referred to a stupid male but around 1920 in the U.S., a bimbo started to refer to a not-too-bright female in the song "My Little Bimbo Down on the Bamboo Isle" and the rest is history esp since English nouns do not have gender like most other languages. ...and you thought crotons were confusing...

onward through the linguistic fog...
Oh no I thought the Grandmother liked me. A little change up here, I got these cuttings in Lighthouse Point about a month ago. The lady living in the home said her dad and uncle built the house and did all the landscape work several old standard crotons all very big and cut into hedge rows. I took some cuttings I like these the best. Name game if we can.
Just to confuse the picture, I mixed two types in the second pot. Sorry
Bimbo is very slow for me. At times it supports fabulous colors, then the next flush of leaves not very pretty. The one I saw at the Extravaganza had exception colors.