'Anna' most cool tolerant Croton of them all?


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One Aussie website touts Anna as an older variety that has done better then all others in Sydney winters. Winters that sound about midway between San Diego and Miami. Still,they say the cooler days of winter only bring out better color and growth.
What do Croton people here think?

Anna btw,looks much like Petra.
Its easy to Google it for a picture. I have to correct something I wrote..Anna has the color of Petra,but the leaves are two lobed. If the photos on Google are right,that's the Croton that does very well in San Diego. Well enough to grow!
To me its ok if Mangoes here are small,Plumeria plants only come in white flowers. And only 2-3 Crotons will live through a bay area winter. I take all that with a smile.
It's Woo-ten's Beauty hands down. I have 2 in different places within the garden. In January 2010 they withstood 26F and had little or no defoliation. Plants next to it were burned to the ground or wiped out altogether.
Hey Ray,thanks. I cant anything on the net about it. Do you have any pics?
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Looks great to me. As long as I've taken this so far,anybody rate the Croton I have, 'Petra', on the winter and cold tolerant scale?