Air Layering vs. Cutting


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Can anyone say which one is faster this time of year? I know it takes approximately 3 months to air layer, but wouldn't a cutting, done properly be faster?

What I mean by "faster" is a plant that is flushed out with numerous leaves, enough to identify it.

With this heat and humidity (and now rains!) I honestly think a cutting may be faster.

Any thoughts?


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My airlayering has been averaging around 30 days,I think 3 months may be for the winter months??I have some that are even ready after 3 weeks.I think that airlaring is safer for rarer plants.If done properly you are pretty much guaranteed success


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These air layers were put on in late May. Potted up in the last few days in the Moose Land. Containers should be full of roots in 4 - 6 weeks. It takes some time but you end up with a plant ready to go into the ground this year.


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Phil Stager

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Concur with Bullwinkle's times for air layers. I can get large plants (3 gal+) from air layers. Cuttings take from 1-3 years before i can put one in the ground - if they make it through the winters. My success rate on air layers is 95%+; not quite so good on cuttings.


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An air layer will also have mature leaves, you can pretty much know what the plant is most of the time. :)

Some more new air layers in the Moose Land. ;)


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Just finished putting on my last layers for this year.Will remove at end of October and then will wait foir next spring.