A Voice in my Head

I haven't seen a list to know if it will be worth my while to make the long trip back and forth. I know I'm coming to the auction on Nov. 1, and I need to plan these trips, so I don't know if I will make it on Oct. 3rd. I feel I'm running out of time. Anyone know if Jeff or Ryan will post the croton and palm list? Haven't seen much of Jeff here in the last 6 months it seems.
Oh come on Ana, I check in everyday practically. But I have been extremely lazy when it comes to posting pictures. But like in the past, when I get the list ready for Ryan, he will post it here ASAP. I expect to start pulling and tagging crotons this upcoming Tuesday. But the rains are killing me! So the list I expect will be ready by the middle to end of the week.

It should be a very good selection. I was very busy this summer, air layers and over a thousand cuttings! Hope to see many of you and will miss you all at the upcoming garden tour.
Thanks for your reply, Jeff. It's frustrating for me because I have to ask my husband to take the day off of work. If I don't know absolutely sure if I'm coming, I can't ask him. At this point, it's too late for him to take the day off, so I was a little frustrated when I wrote that. It's a hard trip for me alone and dealing with watching the cart while I shop, etc. There's only so many times I'm willing to take this trip alone. I understand from your side, it's impossible to know all the list till the last minute.
Ana - seriously, you know there will be many cultivars you don't have there. The list will be forthcoming soon. Grab the Pruis so the trip won't cost so much. You can easily fit six plants and get to see all your east coast croton friends. I promise I won't eyeball your cart. :rolleyes:

Here is a carrot. I was going to surprise you with a disc of my croton presentation made to the Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society. Too many Mega bits to E-mail. Its formatted in a power point, about 130 slides long.

Also have a Grandma potted up for you. Does not look all that good right now - needs some Ana loving.
Ron, I'm certain there will be many, many cultivars I don't have. That's not what I'm going for. The more I get, the pickier I get. I don't have much space left in my yard, and my list has actually gotten much smaller. Of those, some won't be offered. Of the ones offered, I will only be able to get a percentage of them before you and others snatch the ones I want! So, I need to see how many of the ones on my list will be offered. If its three or four and I stand a chance of getting only 50% of what I'd like, well, it's not worth taking the long trip for two crotons. I'd love to see all of you guys, of course, but I can wait another month to see you.;)

And I would love to see your presentation! Thanks! Also, thanks for thinking of me and bringing me a Grandma.:)
Anna, I am in the same boat with you with making that trip. All the good stuff seems to happen on the other coast. Here is Ron's grandma today. Finally flushing.
Moose -

I've received some pretty big PP presentations. usually the problem is on the sender's end. Would like a copy also. Give it a try - worse it can do is bounce back to you.
Phil - I tried several times to upload it into the Wiki. This went on for about a week with Dean tutoring me. After much frustration and no success, I gave up. I then tried several times to e-mail it to Dean as an attachment so he could upload it. It got bounced back.

Are you coming ? I can put one on a SD card for you as well.