A few unknowns in the garden


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Just a few photos to share of my mysteries.


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#2 looks identical to one I bought last year that came from Hermann Englemann Greenhouses (Exotic Angel Plants)...
I'm pretty sure it's not a Duke of Windsor.
I think I remember it being identified on this forum as Reliance....
Reliance, yes! I remember now. I believe I neglected to tag this last time it was mentioned. Thanks all. The other mentioned seem spot on at the moment. Will post progression pics down the road.
The first plant is the one you brought me from Dolan's. You called it sexy LOL. At the time, we didn't know what it was. Should I move it so it gets more sun? Overwintered in the ground like a champ & is branching out nicely from the base. The gloriosa came from Rick Leitner as a small rooted cutting last fall. If the 3rd is Davis #1, it's staying potted. I already lost a large planted out specimen 2 winters ago. This too came from Rick. Unfortunately, several unrooted cuttings from him bit the bullet this winter. Speaking of Rick, where the heck is he?
Ron, I wish your photos weren't quite so dark. We could see them a little better and the colors would be brighter. I don't mean sun, but just a little more light. Colin Kelly has much more color than I thought it did. Your plant is beautiful!
Ana - some plants just can't be properly photo'd. Like the large heavily shaded Excellent you saw, it looks great to the eye, but does not photo well. The problem with this Colin Kelly is that it's photographic side faces the chain link fence. As you can see, not a very good photo subject. It is pleasing to the human eye, not the camera eye. It is nestled under a Carpoxylon that has its first ring of trunk.

By the way, this cultivar was pretty much a dud. It took four years in the ground before it started to exhibit interesting coloration. I took those dark photos at 8:30 am when it was overcast. Plus it is on the western side of the garden, very shaded at that time.

The Photos are set vertically, but turn horizontal when posted. I really hate this Windows 8 operating system.
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