2011 Calender


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Who do we credit for the GREAT PICTURES? And where were they taken?


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Each calendar picture is going to be framed on my office wall.:p
My croton calendar was here when we got home last night from spending last week in the Keys. The August pic is our William Craig and the Oct. pic is our Mrs. Ethel Craig both growing in the Keys.
November is our pool deck and December was our croton Christmas tree from a few years back. If you look closely at the elf's gift you can see the imprint of a diamond engagement ring. At least she knew crotons would be part of the picture.
Happy New Year to everyone! Hope the holidays were great. To answer some questions regarding the calendar... All of the photos were taken by Lee. You can contact him for questions. His email is on the bottom of each page of the calendar. He spends hours of time selecting, cleaning up and putting together the "theme" for the calendars. There are three of us who "make it all happen". Without Lee's photos we would not have a calendar. For those interested in the process, Dianne Bennett helps with all of the editing as well as selection process and I just do the "grunt" work that entails placing them into the software program, stuffing, labeling envelopes, postage and mailing. The first batch of calendars went into the mail stream on 12/24 and the 2nd batch on 12/31 as the printer couldn't get them all done at the same time. Everyone should have theirs now if they are a current Croton Society member. If anyone still has not gotten their calendars, please call me at 813-968-9689 or email me at choerstgen@tampabay.rr.com. Thank you.