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Hi, I'm hoping you all will help me with this question. I have a very small Wilma that I'd like to plant in the ground. Can you tell me what light conditions she prefers? I know most crotons like filtered sun, but I have a lot of shade in my yard created by my oak trees. Will she color up nicely in shade? I have a spot around the north side of my home where I was hoping to plant crotons. It gets shade, albeit bright, no-direct-sun-shade all winter, and full, afternoon sun in summer. It is a trouble spot because of these conditions. Can any crotons tolerate this area? Thanks in advance!:)
The only drawback to a northern exposure is dry north winds from cold fronts. Crotons that are irrigated will handle it better. Wind barriers help a lot.
I have found Wilma to take lots of shade and have very nice colors. A while back, I drove down to Key Largo and saw a whole slew of Wilmas planted in full, blasting sun. They were pretty healthy, but their colors were bleached out and leaves were smaller.And they were a good 4-5' tall. Hope this helps some.

Wilma has been a slow one for me. Now in its third growing season in the ground, its starting to move some ... :eek:

The three year rule keeps ringing true ;)


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This plant should be renamed Colonel Mike Bullock for its very strong resemblance to brother Bob Bullock

Now Raaaay, we've been through this before. If you had a Wilma and a Colonel Bob Bullock side by side, you would see that their really quite different from each other. Maybe a weekend trip from the frigid colds of Tampa down to sunny south Florida is in due. Lol.
Wow:eek:, Randy, another amazing Wilma!!! Incredible color. What a great cultivar. Mine is very pretty, but not as striking as either one of yours. I will post in the next couple of days. Don't have time early morning today before sun is out shining on it. Thanks so much for posting, guys, it gives me hope of what my Wilma can/may be! Wow!