Who is growing Inca ?


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Show us your Inca. Here I'll start. Don't let this thread die with only my post.

The challenge has been issued.

Hey, if you don't have an Inca - post a photo of anything. Pleeeeeeeeeeease ...

Some leaves have shoulders,others do not.People who have seen the plant call it Inca and Davis 14 interchangeably
Inca - slow and steady; one in partial shade and one in bright light.View attachment 25816 View attachment 25817 View attachment 25818
Phil, I noticed that your fotos in the aforementioned post appear in the rectangular format that I like and not like the thumbnail format with the "gobbledygook" info separating the pic resulting in an initial square format. Can you please explain, in layman's terms, how you did it? I'm trying desperately to learn how to manage the new format structure so that I can submit another "COSTA RICA WANDERINGS" pictorial. Has anyone placed a "HOW TO POST YOUR PHOTOS" tutorial yet and how do I find it?
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Don Robertico - First I forgot to put the top of the picture at the top of the page, i.e. in portrait format when previewing the pics after loading to PC from camera. The I clicked on the icon below and to the right that says UPLOAD A FILE. I then find the appropriate pics/photos in my photo file titled Croton.pics; I then click on the photos/pics I want to upload. Then there's a pair of icons that show up asking me if I want to upload as thumbnail or full size. I click on full size. Then I click on the green icon below to the right that says Post Reply. I find it much easier than the old system.