White Polychrome?


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Would this be White Polychrome?:rolleyes: I've had this a few years & just saw the vacant White Polychrome section in the WIKI. DSC_0049.jpg Watcha think?:confused:
I agree jerry, it's markings resemble more of a Mosaic than a Polychrome. But in order to call a croton a White Polychrome, your plant has to originate from a Polychrome. The White form of Ann Rutherford I'm sure originated from a Ann Rutherford plant. And so on. Because, the last thing you want is people coming up with all kinds of "forms" from a zillion different crotons that they "think" looks like that parent plant. Right?
OK, so White Mosaic it is.:rolleyes::rolleyes: Sorry, I really don't remember the origin of the plant, so I can't comment on that. Does anyone have a White Polychrome or a photo? Here's another photo with the flash showing just a hint of pink. It is in deep shade though.DSC_0047.jpg
Randy,I have this plant as a white polychrome, i had it in the shade but i moved it to a brighter area. Some leaves grew white and turned pink. the other picture is white mosaic. and also i want to show this picture of these white leaves in this plant that i think is a hybrid.017.jpg016.jpg012.jpg
White polychrome sounds like an over eager description of a Polychrome that has not had time for its leaves to mature from the initial white to pink; same for Mosaic. Sew hat it looks like in late October.