White anne Rutherford


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014.jpg005.jpgWhite anne rutherford and another unknown.
Looking forward to adding a "white" cultivar to my garden. This White Anne Rutherford will do just fine.... I do have one teensy tiny plant that has lots of white called "tamara." (It may be eburneum.) It is only 2x2x2 right now. should have kept it in it's pot a while longer, but i planted in my "white garden." maybe some of whites/greens will show up at the auction :)
Leslie - this White Ann Rutherford was an air layer that Mike (Bullwinkle) asked me to make for him. I usually do not make such a big air layer but Mike has been very generous to me and he has a mist house so ... :eek:

Next time he came to the house when the air layer was ready, he told me he had acquired one from someone else. I had to keep this one in some heavy shade to keep all the leaves from falling off when the air layer got potted up. It is now well acclimated to take alot of sun. Well rooted, fertilized and treated with merit. Its about 3 ft tall in the three gallon pot.

If your down in the Miami area and want to stop by the Moose Land, send me a PM.


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