What it Be Again ?


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What it be, What it be
What it be, What it be?
Seeking words of Wisdom,
What it Be?

Got this from Marie Nock for my Birthday.
Not Voncilla Barley,
Not Baron Rothschild

Hard to tell by picture but has some white "flushing" with the nice pinks.
Marie has no ID. It is a very pretty croton.
Someone got its twin at the auction at Rick's Garden Tour.

Any ideas? :confused:


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For a green & yellow croton, I think this one looks really cool. Would love to get an ID if someone knows.

Hey, What it Be? :confused:


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!@#$%^ caps lock key. I was told that mine is very simfilar to Eleanor Fisher. Whatever it is, it's a vigorous grower and sets a lot of seed.

LOL "!@#$%^ caps lock key" :D Phil - I do that all the time :eek:

Phil - this thing is always flowering and now has seeds. I suspect we have the same unknown cultivar.

Here is an Eleanor Fischler I got from Marie Nock for comparison. To be honest, I was not all that impressed when I saw photos of Eleanor F. Then I saw two very nice plants (in person) that Mike Harris has in his garden. Then I had to have an Eleanor Fischler. ;)

Learned that often many plants look better in the non-digital world. :eek:


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