what is this?


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Brom like plant that creeps along. It's been pretty well behaved as an understory plant. Nothing to look at, just a filler.
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I was going to say that, but I think it looks as if it stays close to the ground with rhizome-like thingies creeping out and then shoots off of that.

Bren - am I seeing that correctly?
Yeah, it creeps along by shooting out stolons. It's an easily controlled plant (so far) I've had it planted over a year now.
I finally found out what this is, Callisia fragrans. Apparently a class II invasive here. It is filling up the understory of this bed quickly but they pull out super easy. Luckily this bed is contained so it can't escape. It's blooming now so I am going to see if I can detect a honey fragrance it's supposed to have.