What I learned today


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Before anything else is said, many thanks to all of you who came out to see our garden today and eat some pretty good barbecue. (I always taste my cooking and wonder who the hell cooked this stuff; it certainly ain't in my genes.) We had a great crowd, the society got lots of money, and everybody went home with plants.

My addition - "Dr. Frank Brown" - is in the ground in a spot of honor; thanks to whoever grew it.

So what did I learn today? I'll go from the front of the house around clockwise (the same way our garden goes.

Big Red is still Big Red. It definitely isn't Thomas Edison and it matches the picture in the book.
Alley Cat is a valid name and there's no evidence of any other Croton like it. I gave out a bunch of cuttings and I have some started in 1 gallon cans.
Miami is a valid name and there's no evidence of any other Croton like it. Mark got the only rooted cutting, but I'll make more of them in the spring.
That really gorgeous pink Croton with the forked leaf is "Thea". Ray, there's a nice branch with your name on it for the spring.
Kentucky in the shade doesn't look like Kentucky in the sun, but the proof is in the garden.
President Reagan is confirmed.
Nancy Reagan is actually Wilma.
Definitely a "King of Siam" and not a queen.
"Fishhook" is in fact Yellow Multicolor. I'm gonna go with the concept that "multicolor" means more than just yellow in terms of variegation. If someone asks me the name, I'll tell them "Fishhook, a yellow form of Multicolor."
Duncan MacCaw is not, but no one knew what it really was.
Nellie Halgrin is not, but no one knew what it was. I'll poke around in the book for these two, tomorrow.
The balance of the Crotons were correctly named... hallelujah!

Somebody tell me the botanical name of this coffee plant, please.


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Ricky - I learned that your BBQ pulled pork and Boca Baked Beans were as delicious as the rumours said. Thank you for hosting the meeting, you and Karen were fantastic hosts!!!!! :cool:

Your garden is beautiful and I came away with some of your ideas of for my own. :rolleyes:

Ron :)