We Need Pics for the Encyclopedia - HELP


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Bren has been going to town on stocking the Encyclopedia with indexed photos. I hope you have all noticed and appreciate what she is turning into a great resource.

She needs photos of anything we don't yet have. For those of you with photos, or the ability and willingness to take them, we need your help. Uploading to the Wiki Encyclopedia is easy. It is actually easier than uploading here. No resizing is necessary. It will take Hi-Res photos. And you can upload 10 at a time while renaming them on the fly.

Placing and indexing them once uploaded is more difficult. But I think Bren would be willing to do that, if you just upload them. What do you say? I have asked Bren if she would supply a list of what she would like. But you guys could just as easily check the Encyclopedia and see what we don't yet have.

We will see them once uploaded, so get going if you are willing.
I've added a ton of new pics and croton types to the wiki. If you're not comfortable with the format, you can help me by pointing out corrections needed, especially with leaf type.
If you want to add comments and/or pics but don't know how, contact me and I can walk you through it or add the info on your behalf.
As a caveat, I've collected and posted what has been presented 'to date' on the wiki. Going forward, members need to post pics/info or send me their pics and/or history to capture in the wiki in exchange for air layers :p:p:p:rolleyes: I'm kidding, I know everyone isn't comfortable with the wiki format and I am content to capture what I can!

I think you know my computer skills, I'll just leave it at that.....:)


As stated before - uploading pics to the wiki is easier than doing it in the forum. Have you tried??? Click on "Upload File" on the left sidebar of any wiki page and see if you can handle what you see. It's no different than the forum or email. If you can do one, then you can click on "Upload Files" and do ten at a time in a flash.

If you label them, Bren can take care of the rest. So many people claim they can't do it, but have never even tried.