Visit with Mrs. Rudy Bachman in Miami Springs


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I recently visited Mrs. Rudy Bachman, the daughter in law of Rudy Bachman, and yes, she is the lady in the picture on page 11 of the Croton book. I had a nice time talking to her, as she told me many old stories about crotons and croton lore. One that was interesting, was the fact she was telling me a story about her father in law, Rudy, using something to produce new crotons and I'll quote "something he got from the cancer people". Now, I know that back in the late 50's and early 60's they used Colchicine to manipulate plant genetics. It also was a treatment for cancer, but it killed too many of the good cells. I don't know if this is what Rudy used, but, just passing along the story. Unfortunately, all of the Mona Lisa's in her yard, have either died due to cold weather, or other. More pictures to come.


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I'm assuming you met with her at her house, not the old Rudy Bachman house, correct? I made a visit to the old Bachman house many years ago and with permission, cut many cuttings of the original Rudy Bachman plant. There was a good amount growing at the time. And there was very little else, as in Mona Lisa, which had been "hacked" down to the ground to a stump. It never recovered.

Never realized that she was still around, living in the area. It would be great if we could get her to a croton tour next.

Did she have much in the way of crotons in her yard? Thanks.
Is it safe to conclude this is a true Mona Lisa?

I saw this plant in a lady's garden and asked her to air layer a plant for my collection.:)


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Close but not quite. But differences could easily be due to cultural conditions (sun, rain, humidity, ...) or one clone going off and doing its own thing...