Vintage Croton Material


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As an avid flea market, thrift store, and garage sale guy, I often see various books and publications regarding tropical plants. The ones that interest me the most are reference materials, usually dating back to the 1940's and 1950's.

Does anyone suggest, aside from ebay, where to find old book about crotons? Are there only a few written?

When was the first croton reference book written? Was it by Brown?

Are there any earlier Croton author/pioneers?

I have found infinate early publications about palms, but very few about crotons.
Try American Book Exchange (ABE)
However, I believe Dr Brown's Florida's Beautiful Crotons is the first book just on crotons - at least in English.
Google has digitized loads of old obscure books; you could spend a few hours wandering around there.
Yes, lots and lots of palm books, with references going back several thousand years for date palm (P. dactylifera) culture.

Do you have a copy of the christian papers? I have found some nice stuff on amazon too. One cool find of mine was an old article highlighting a croton garden here in St. Pete a block from sunken gardens. I posted a pic long ago. You can find it if you search my earlier posts. I bought the whole collection of gardening books from a store going out of biz. It was stuck between some pages. Sorry to hear you won't make the upcoming meeting!
One has to wonder what became of Mr. Bull's collection. In London none the less. I believe I posted the reasoners list in the wiki. It was published in one of the newsletters.