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The Bullwinkle (Mike) brought me this Van Houti as a "soft wood" rooted cutting late in the summer. Roots were discovered coming out the drain holes in its one gallon container so it got stepped up to a three gallon in early December. Because of our unbelievable weather conditions, this plant really exploded. This must be a vigorous cultivar. Destined to get planted in the Spring, photo was taken early this morning. :)


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I believe that there is some disagreement over the name of this variety.Put an asterix on this one for now as I have seen pics of Van Houtii that appear to be different from this one.I believe someone posted this variety as a match for "Suzi Silverado".This plant was from Jeff.
It looks like Suzi Silverado, but it's not the same. It also looks nothing like the picture on page 108 of The Book. Nonetheless, it's a very nice Croton.
Somewhere in the bowels of the archives is a set of pics on what to do when your van Houttii get s crunched and you have soem branches that suddenly need rooting.
Same plant, updated photos taken yesterday evening. Is it starting to look like a Van Houti yet? :confused:


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Well - Its still not planted. Colors keep morphing. Could this be Ann Rutherford ? This plant was entered into the display at the Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society Show and was awarded a Blue Ribbon. :eek:

Any help with an a potential name? :confused:


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