Unusual looking Croton

Jeff in Costa Rica

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I was walking through the garden today and noticed this odd looking Croton with a mixture of different leaf sizes and shapes. Thought maybe some of you would find it interesting. Sorry the first photo is blurry.


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Jeff, Looks like the plant I have. :cool: I purchased some time ago and was told its name was Salt and Pepper.


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I'm not sure if it was a seedling or a sport. It wasn't purchased, so it had to come from existing Crotons on the property. The name of the regular form is Gold Dust, right? That one seems to create more sports than our other Crotons. In the last couple weeks I have seen two sports on two different Gold Dust bushes. Both were the kind with the long skinny leaves. I had never noticed a mixture of different shaped leaves on the same growing point before. Scott, thanks for the name! Sorry that I don't know the names of any of them, but I have never once seen a Croton for sale in this country with a name on it. And, I am horrible at identifying them on my own. In Costa Rica, they are all simply known as "Crotos".